Creating an account

The very first thing you'll need to do is create an account. You can do so by using cm!account create. Once you do, you can use cm!profile to check out your profile. It looks blank for now, but more and more will get added to it as you do more.

Getting coins

Every message you send will automatically give you coins. Once you've built up a good amount of coins (which can be received in only one or two messages), you can start buying stuff. Use cm!buy to check out the buy menu- for now, it only has one item (miner), but after some time, you'll start unlocking more items. Buy the miner using cm!buy miner. You can also use cm!buy [number] miner (IE cm!buy 10 miner) to buy a certain amount of miners, and cm!buy max miner to buy as many miners as you can afford. Check out the cm!buy menu again to continue onto cafes. Continue for maximum capitalism!


You'll want upgrades to get a bit ahead. Some upgrades simply increase your CPM (coins per message) or CPS (coins per second), while others do more complex things. You can view the upgrades menu using cm!upgrades, then use cm!upgrade [upgrade] (IE cm!upgrade Coin Boost) to upgrade something. Just like items, you can use the max and number flags when buying upgrades.

Tips and tricks

Here's a neat little command: cm!buy max all - this will buy as many items as you can afford. This is useful for quickly purchasing things. The official Discord server also has constant talk about neat strategies. If you're determined to get on top of the leaderboard, come join us!

Get started