So you've come here wanting to know a little more about me, huh?

Well hi! I'm QuantumCatYT! I'm a self-taught programmer and artist. I picked up C# programming in mid-2016 and tried to create a general-purpose bot for Discord. I fell in love with programming, and now it's what I spend almost all my free time doing ("almost all" *cough* reddit *cough*). Eventually, I decided to go down a unique route, and, in mid-2017, I had the idea of making a clicker game within Discord, which eventually became what you know today as CoinMaster! Outside of just CoinMaster, I'm also developing a game engine (and a game with it), and also writing backends and frontends in JavaScript and PHP!

As far as art goes, I've been making visual effects since 2014, and I've also been learning 3D modeling, music production, and drawing. I create all the artwork used in all my stuff (including the very little artwork present in CoinMaster), along with some other stuff.

Here's some of my work (I didn't create the audio for any of these) (also yes I'm open for commissions hint hint ;D ):

You can check out all my stuff here. epilepsy warning on this one